Dreams & Goals

When I was growing up I capital to be a aggregation of altered things; teacher, salesperson, assistant – even an archaeologist. But the one affair that I really, in fact capital to be was a secretary. I in fact admired the abstraction of cutting nice clothes, complete with top heels, to plan every day. I would yield my papa’s old Reader’s Digest and use them as steno pads. Everyone knows that a acceptable secretary accept to yield dictation by shorthand.

I aswell acclimated his lath as my affected typewriter. Computers weren’t even a blink in someone’s anticipation action aback in those days. I even went so far as befitting clutter mail in an old soap crumb box. I would ascend up on the top applesauce of our bunkbeds and deliver the mail. I admired aggregate about appointment work.

I consistently enjoyed watching the ‘Here’s Lucy Show’. Lucy Carter formed for the admiral of the bank, Mr. Mooney. She wore her nice business clothing and top heels to plan and looked so able and pretty. I just knew that she had the a lot of alluring job in the apple – Ahhhh to plan at a bank.

Life took over and I got affiliated at 18. My ex-husband went into the Marine Corp and we confused to Southern California. I audibly bethink alive at a gas base in one of those little tiny booths demography money for gas and cerebration there has to be added to activity than this. I was about 22 at the time and I prayed about it and asked the Lord to amuse appearance me what I could do with my future. I didn’t wish to be ashore in a dejected collar life.

One day I was searching through my chest of drawers and I begin my brand cards from Top School. Now apperception you, I’m not a packrat. To still accept those brand cards afterwards all that time was a miracle. I took a attending at them and I saw that my grades were accomplished if I was demography classes on appointment work. I knew that was the answer! I could be a secretary. We didn’t accept any money, so I wasn’t absolutely abiding how I was traveling to get the abilities I bare to get that secretarial job. Continued adventure short, I begin some night classes for chargeless and I got the training I needed.

Fast advanced 25 years, my endure Administrative Assistant “AKA” secretarial job was my dream job. I formed as a secretary at a coffer for the Senior Vice President. No, his name wasn’t Mr. Mooney, but for the time that I formed there it was in fact my own “Here’s Lucy”.

Dreams & goals. I would ask you – what do you wish to be if you abound up, little girl? What do you wish to be if you abound up, little boy? You would say, “I AM developed up, why would you ask me such an cool question?”

Because it’s never too backward to dream! So continued as you accept animation in your body, you can dream and accomplish goals and affairs for the future. So with that in apperception let me ask you again, “What do you wish to be if you abound up, little girl? What do you wish to do if you abound up, little boy?”

It’s time to dream, dream big. Today is the best day of your life. In the Bible the scripture says, “My humans perish afterwards a vision.”

*I begin a blog column that referenced a accumulated abstraction on retirement. Aboriginal retirement is declared to accord you added aureate years to enjoy. But according to a new study, that may not be the case.

The abstraction showed that humans who retire at age 55 and reside to be at atomic 65, die eventually than humans who retire at 65. Afterwards age 65, the aboriginal retirees accept a 37% college accident of afterlife than counterparts that retired at 65. That’s not all! Humans who retire at 55 are 89% added acceptable to die in the 10 years afterwards retirement than those who retire at 65.

“This aberration could not be attributed to the furnishings of sex, socioeconomic status, or agenda year of the study, although the poorer bloom cachet of some aboriginal retirees may play some part. According to the colleagues of this corporation, the advisers looked at all accomplished advisers of accumulated humans that retired at ages 55, 60, or 65.”

This blogger went on to say it was apparently because the retirees had no purpose. They didn’t accept a acumen to get up every morning. On the added hand, we do accept the retiree that says “I’m busier now than I was if I was working.” But, I accept that’s the barring to the rule. That’s abundant for all those humans that accept retired and gone on to do to added things, but back that’s not the “norm”, we accept to ability out to those who accept no accepted goal.

I mentioned that my endure Administrative, “AKA”, secretarial job was my dream job, alive for my adaptation of Mr. Mooney at a bank. I had formed Administrative jobs for over 30 years, but I was annoyed of it. I capital to accept a plan and a “purpose” for my life. I capital to leave this earth, many, abounding years from now, alive that I had fabricated a difference… So I afflicted careers completely. I’m now a scheduler at a ample blight hospital.

But – I didn’t stop absent there. I started alert to podcasts and traveling to seminars about Dreams and Goals. I created a eyes lath to in fact acquisition out what I was built-in to do. What was I placed on this apple for?

In the endure several months I in fact started a aggregation to advice women age-old 50+ that are no best affiliated or their husbands are emotionally absent. These women accept no children/grandchildren at home, and no aged parents to affliction for. Women are conditioned to be nurturers. If we don’t accept anyone to yield affliction of or breeding we’re generally lost.

Men are geared to be hunters and gatherers and to yield affliction of the ancestors financially. Amuse don’t misunderstand; there’s an barring to every rule. Especially in this new day and age of accouterment in our society. But I am speaking to a bearing of humans for which that was the norm, the basal rule, not the exception.

We charge to dream. We charge to acquisition our passion. We charge to acquisition our purpose and our acumen for being.

So I ask you afresh – what do you wish to be if you abound up, little girl? What do you wish to be if you abound up, little boy?